“Since our home was built while we were not living in Vero Beach, we were thankful to have an extremely high level of trust in our contractor. We could not be happier.”
— Dr. Jonathan Rich, CEO, Barry Plastics





“When my CPA office was destroyed by the September 2004 hurricanes, Randy completely rebuilt my office by Januray 1st, 2005. This was amazing considering that he had a long list of customers who were all anxious to have their homes and offices repaired. When I purchased a new office in October 2006, Randy and his crew completely refurbished my new office and, again, had me in before tax season. Randy Hines Construction does excellent work, on time and on budget.” –Anthony Donini, CPA




“We have worked with Randy for almost 30 years on various residential and commercial projects. We trust him and look forward to working with him in the future.”
— Rene Vandevoorde, ESQ.